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Is this true for me?

“The life that I’m livin’Is the life that I’m lovin’And I wouldn’t trade it for nothin’” This is the chorus of a song I heard on a documentary tonight about Lakey Peterson..a phenom in...


Poem #55

So full of despairHow I wish I could care As this emptiness growsAnd Apathy takes hold I’m no more than a shellWith a face that won’t tell The void that’s insideI continue to hide...


Being, Doing, Being, Doing

I read recently that believing that “Life should be fair” is irrational thought and, since the source was fairly credible I suppose it made sense to me to take in that information and attempt...


Pain 2

Pain.My insidious, constant companion.I didn’t invite you to become an intrinsic part of my beingconstantly invading every moment in my experienceof this journey of life.You’ve taken my waking moments, my sleepyou’ve taken the precious intimacy with my...


A Compelling Story

To Whom It May Concern, I have what I believe will be a story of interest to you and your public. A few weeks ago, international news media carried a story concerning the the...


On the News

Paolo Macchiarini recommended that we get our story out to the media so that we can find a way to pay for the surgery.  Here’s the video from our first TV news story: